How To Print A PDF

Creating a PDF file is simple!

First, download and install CutePDF.  If you download it here ( and install it, it won’t even ask you any questions.  When you run it, it will install automatically and tell you when it’s finished.

When that’s finished, open up your document (Essay, Letter Of Recommendation, etc.) and go to print it, but select the printer named “CutePDF” and click print.  After a moment, it will prompt you to save the PDF file.  You can attach this file to the application.

Why do We Require PDFs?

  1. PDFs capture your document as you have formatted it.
  2. PDFs effectively disable any editing after submission.
  3. PDFs are safer for us to accept.
  4. PDFs can be stored digitally and makes our library of past submissions easier to manage.